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Newsletter 1– the Collector’s Item!

(average reading time: 2 minutes – but it’s not a competition!)


Our launch at the funky Zetta Townhouse

Warm Welcome (1) to you! We plan quarterly mailings to keep you up to date and provide a nugget to stimulate or provoke.

Warm Welcome (2) to our Introducers: TheNextChapter officially welcomed them at a special event on 27th June. They are key people who know us and TheNextChapter and want to recommend us to clients, colleagues, friends, neighbours and anyone else they think might get value from us. If you’d be willing to join them, just let us know.  We plan to run occasional exclusive events for you.

Now all eyes and attention move to our first retreat: 13th– 15th November 2019 at the magnificent Cowley Manor near Cheltenham. A maximum 8 places so email peter@TheNextChapter.guruto reserve a place or put us in touch with someone you know who might be interested.

We’re also running a couple of half-day sessions for people to get a sense of working with us and TheNextChapter. These take place in London on 19th and 26th September. Email for details.

We’re HIRING!We need two or three exceptional people as Trusted Partners to help us run next year’s Retreats. You need to be excited by us and our brand and be an outstanding people-person familiar with working 1-1 and in small groups with gifted entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and a whole range of people at key turning-points in their life. You’ll be helping them with the exciting privilege of authoring their stories and writing their Next Chapter. We pay a good daily rate.

WARM WELCOME (3) to the first of these, Sian Davies: A long-time friend and fellow professional, she says, “It’s an exciting opportunity to help people navigate a future path using the power of story; and to have the chance to work with Hilary and Peter on something that can really make a difference for individuals at key points in their lives.”

And WARM WELCOME BACK to our wonderful PA, Katie Tew. You may have encountered her infectious enthusiasm and consummate skills via our work with The Academy for Chief Executives. We’re so excited to have her back. More from Katie next time…

The THOUGHT-PIECE:Retreat to Go Forward We’re often asked, ‘why retreats?’ Why not just offer the traditional single day workshops – they need less of a time commitment and they’re less expensive. Both are true. But we’re about valueand impact. And for that, the truth is, you need time and commitment. For people at a major crossroads in their life then the chances are if there was an easy or obvious direction forward, they’d have found it themselves. If you hit a T-junction, you only have two choices and you probably know the general direction of travel; if you don’t, it doesn’t take long to retrace. But what if it’s a spaghetti-junction (or for those familiar with Swindon, the Magic Roundabout)? What if there’s stuff coming at you from all directions and a whole lot of conflicting voices? Sometimes the only way to find the direction forward is to pull over, draw breath and do some thinking! Which is exactly where TheNextChapter Retreats come in. They give the perfect opportunity to step out of the melee and work with us to reflect, regenerate and re-enter.


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