Peter Hyson has published new book in June 2016

A new book by Peter Hyson, Live the Work You Love, has been published by Devon-based publishers, The Write Factor, in June 2016. Click here to order your copy.

Live the Work You Love is the new career – and life – guide from Peter Hyson, successful leadership coach, speaker and author of Coaching with Meaning and Spirituality. This is essential reading for anyone looking to make a change in their career in 2016 and make a difference. It includes thought-provoking activities, case studies and insights from one of the top business and leadership coaches in the UK.

Hyson aims to help leaders who search for meaning, who want to do work that matters to them, and to the world around them. If you’re asking yourself ‘Am I going mad? Am I having a midlife crisis? Do I need a career change? What’s the point of my work?’ then this book is for you. Live the Work You Love will show you how to reach the precipice and make that leap into the future, carving out a career and life with meaning and purpose and that will ultimately help you to reach your deepest aspirations in life. It’ll help you to work out what makes you comes alive. Maybe you’ll even change the world in the process.

Packed with engaging activities, this book takes the reader on a journey to map out the story of their lives, their careers, their inspirations and their struggles, until they’re at the point where they can start looking to the future and writing an ending they can feel proud of. They’re encouraged to evaluate their true path - their life’s calling - in order to find the way to a fulfilling, life-enhancing future.

“Each of us has a unique role to play in the world, and doing so establishes our legacy.”

This book is for people who want to find their Higher Purpose in life, who are seeking their true calling – even if they’re not sure what it is. It’s especially for CEOs, MDs and senior leaders who have tasted success and want to find new energy from a change of focus or direction without sacrificing their hard-earned skills and experience.

Hyson believes that we will have more impact on the world than any previous generation – but that with more choices comes more responsibility. His insightful words tell a story akin to a modern-day take on Plato’s cave: of society’s need to move beyond ‘working for working’s sake’ and to find our own unique calling in the world – whatever that may be.

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Praise for 'Live the Work You Love'

“Hyson really adds something new to the conversation around work and purpose in life. If you find yourself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go next, this book could help you find your way.”

“Peter has been described as having ‘a great combination of gravitas and a sense of humour’ and this certainly comes across in his writing.”

“I loved what Hyson says in the first chapter – “Stop living the life that has been defined for you by others” – This book is packed with encouragement, insight and a unique perspective that really makes you think.”

Peter Hyson, author of Coaching with Meaning and Spirituality, has written extensively on the topic of the ‘Spirited Leader’. Hyson draws on his own significant experience spanning 25 years in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, as a leader, executive coach, professional speaker and writer, to transform his clients into successful managers, leaders and CEOs. His impressive client list includes: Serco, Euroclear, Carnegie, PwC, Wellcome and AtisReal. Hyson is Chair of the Academy for Chief Executives in London, has a Masters in Organisation Development and Change Management and is a professional member of the The Association for Coaching and The Writer’s’ Guild. Peter has written for several professional coaching magazines and is currently working on a novel and two screenplays.

Peter Hyson has 25 years’ experience as a popular speaker and coach helping highly successful people rekindle their vision and achieve what they feel called to do – make a difference.

The ideas in this book have empowered dozens of CEOs, Directors and entrepreneurs to clarify their dreams, build a better world and create their legacy.

Buy it now and do the same.