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Live The Work You Love

“Ask Me Whether What I Have Done Is My Life”

If you want to use your business success to create a legacy, then use this book to gain insights, understand the systems and have the confidence to apply your hard-earned skills to identify your unique gift, make a difference and build a better world.

In each chapter you:

  • Galvanise the ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’: laser-focus your purpose and follow clear steps forward
  • Discover the strategies you must master: build on your experience with time-tested processes
  • Learn from others: discover how other successful business leaders have walked the same path – and use your story to identify your unique gift and legacy
  • Continue your journey: use your special access to exclusive coaching support and online Masterclass discussions; consultancy discounts and resources

By following the clear and simple step-by-step approach in this excellent book, I was able to move from “Is this it?” to “This is it!”

– PHIL JESSON, author Piranhas in the Bidet

Praise for 'Live The Work You Love'

MATTHEW BAGWELL Managing Director, Naked Communications Europe

Reading this book was a privilege - It's not like the majority of business books I've read. You offer something different in this guide: it’s as if I embarked on a discovery course you're facilitating. You don't read this book, you 'do it.' And it led me to an answer… Many books don't. 

The use of story made a powerful creative tool to find my purpose, legacy and the answer to the Big Question: ‘why were you born?’ It’s a refreshing, highly effective book. You’ll profit from investing in a huge roll of paper or even a big wall.

SUDHAKAR RAM Group CEO and Managing Director at Mastek Ltd

I really enjoyed this book – reading it end to end and reflecting on the various tools and exercises that the book contains. Peter has combined the philosophy of living a fulfilling professional life with many practical examples, stories and tools that help us navigate and reframe our own beliefs and stories about ourselves. As I embark on my own 3rd career, the book was helpful in recognizing what my true calling was and how that would shape my work ahead.

Dr CAROLYN J. LUKENSMEYER Founder & President, AmericaSpeaks/Global Voices; Executive Director, National Institute for Civil Discourse, Arizona, USA

Making a difference is our greatest calling. Peter's book provides an inspiring route to help you identify your calling and establish your legacy - while building on all you've achieved so far.

PHIL JESSON author Piranhas in the Bidet – a snappy guide to better partnerships with your customers, your people and yourself! Managing Partner, Business Pulse

Sometimes (or is it just me?), it is easy to get to that point in life where you appear to have just about everything you need but still wake up feeling restless and unfulfilled thinking “Is this it?” This excellent book by Peter Hyson explains how to lead but also how to leave a legacy. By following his clear and simple step-by-step approach I was able to work out the things that really matter to me. I loved the book and have mapped out the route to my own legacy. To put it another way, I have moved from “Is this it?” to “This is it!!”

PRABHU GUPTARA Advisory Board Member, New Global Markets, UK; Distinguished Professor of Global Business, William Carey University, India; formerly Director, Wolfsberg/UBS, Switzerland

Why do some doors close and others open? Inspiration from story writing takes you, in Peter Hyson’s book, step-by-step into identifying your best self and then finding your true calling, so you build on your successes and leave a lasting legacy.

CINDY WIGGLESWORTH Author, SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence; President, Deep Change, Inc

Firmly based on the principles and insights of Spiritual Intelligence, this book can help you become both a better leader and make a difference in the world.

GLADEANA MCMAHON International author; Editorial Board, Coaching at Work; MD Gladeana McMahon Associates; Chair Emeritus, The Association for Coaching

I have worked with many business leader or entrepreneurs who still have decades of success in them and now feel called to build on that success by contributing to a better world. They would find that these practical activities would help them create just that.

ANDREW MORRIS formerly CEO, The Academy for Chief Executives; Non-exec Director, Business Design Centre; formerly Chair Brand Events; CEO, National Exhibition Centre; CEO Earls Court & Olympia

‘When Peter, speaks, I listen – carefully.”

GAUTAM BUSHAN Managing Partner, LearnTalent, Delhi, India. A 142, Neeti Bagh, 2nd Floor, New Delhi 110 049. INDIA

This is an excellent book. What I loved about it was the rare alchemy it offers by way of business insights, reflective exercises along with engaging stories.